5 reasons to choose the role of mentor in schools


What do you think the role of teacher ? Is it really what children need during the period in which they need to find their passion ? I don’t think so !

So here is the list of why you have to prefer the role of mentor over the role of teacher:

1. Critical Thinking

As you may know a good teacher/mentor doesn’t say if something is wrong but he prefer to guide student. The problem with actual teachers is that they have to finish the curriculum so they say : “it’s false” and there is no feedback. The role of mentor is more based on feedback to help students improving themselves. Where a professor say something, the mentor try to guide students through a thinking journey. The mentor can also try to give some problems that are tricky and by tricky I mean a problem where the question is more important than the answer. Teachers will not try those things because it’s not on test !

2. Curiosity

The mentor try to make his students curious about everything, that means if in a discussion they talk about something that is not in the curriculum the mentor will not say : “We can’t discuss about it during the class”. The mentor will also give some specific work for each student, that means if a student loves Football his maths homework will be focused on maths in Football. The professor will only give the same work for everyone because it’s more simple.

3. Choices based on experience

Now let’s imagine that a student want to become an astronaut and this student don’t like maths (for example). The teacher will maybe say to the student that he have to learn maths but that’s all. The mentor will help this student to focus on real achievements and make his dream come true. And what if his dream is qualified as “impossible” ? We all know a teacher which said : “focus on your grades instead of become …” right ? That’s not what a mentor would say. The mentor will explain all the problems to the students and make sure that he totally understand the risk but that’s all !

4. Respect

I think we all agree on the fact that respect is one of the most important things in this world. We also all agree on the fact that the war between some students and teachers doesn’t give a good definition of respect. One will throw a paper plane and the other will say : “You will never do great things in life !”. I think that this kind of war only happens because of lack of comprehension. And that’s where a mentor bring the notion of respect. With long discussions and consensus, students and mentor will build a good relation. It will permit learning more and not focusing on jokes, …

5. Motivation

We all know the kind of motivation that we have at the beginning of each scholar year right ? But what happens  2 weeks later ? You don’t like the teacher ? You don’t like … ? I think this happens only because everything goes too quickly. The role of a teacher is to not loose time to focus on curriculum (This curriculum is everywhere !). The mentor will probably focus more on keep the motivation of students all along the scholar year by doing specific homework, discussions but also by improving his teaching method constantly.

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A stagnating educational system


I hope you noticed that we are in a world where everything change quickly. We are living in an era where all cars will be soon driver-less, where we will soon, possibly make a trip in space and where we will speak with aliens (I’m maybe too optimistic on that point but who knows ?). Everything has become easy, we send messages all around the world, we have ebooks, we can learn everything by ourself on the web and we can travel easily. But is it the case for education ?

Did you notice a big improvement in schools since you started primary school (I mean the way of teaching and learning, not punishments, …)? For my part, I didn’t.

A teacher and students sitting in front of desks, that’s how we imagine school in our head. That’s also how people saw schools during the 4th century (I’m not kidding). It’s false to say that actual schools are exact clones of schools in the 4th century but the way to teach (teacher standing in front of students) is the same.

I heard a lot of sentences like :

  • “I don’t fit in the scholar system”
  • “Your child is maybe too smart for his age”

That’s when I asked myself : “Is this scholar system well shaped ?”. And I found an answer when I did an exam on my favorite topic (Philosophy) and I received a 6/20. I like to think about existential questions and things like that but all I had to learn is authors (name, birth date, …). As you can imagine it’s hard to face that kind of grades especially when you work lot of time in the domain.

Some of you are thinking that we can give specialized education for everyone and that’s maybe true but I think it’s worth a try. We can’t give up on that kind of domain. Education is the key for a better future and it opens doors of innovations.

Maybe the actual system is deprecated and it’s time to change (That’s what I think). We need to send our kids in schools that can teach important basics of life like oral speaking, body gesture, critical thinking, … And unfortunately that’s not the case today.

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The concept


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What is the concept ?

  • I will of course give some of my ideas about how to improve actual schools.
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