The concept


Hi knowledge addicts and welcome on !

About me

My name is Clement (yes, I’m french), I’m student in computer science at Tsinghua University (China). I always loved writing articles and learning new things. So here is my new blog ! My goal is to introduce you a new way to learn and to keep knowledge in mind. I’m in university and I know how the system works so I want to innovate and make education more productive. Too often people say they don’t fit into the educational system, but what if it’s the opposite ?


What is the concept ?

  • I will of course give some of my ideas about how to improve actual schools.
  • Sometimes I will post some information about my actual projects (I’m writing a book and I plan to build a new type of school).
  • When this blog will have more readers (I hope) I will ask you to tell me your story about some topics (you can do it now by mail if you’re impatient to share it) .


Now you’ll ask : why do I have to read these articles ? 

You don’t have to ! I just like to share knowledge with people and I hope that you like it too. If it’s the case you’re on the right site. We will make the world better and I can’t think about anything better than that.


One last thing

I need your feedback to improve this blog so feel free to send me an email or to comment posts. You can also join our Facebook page if you want to have new articles on your daily feed.


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